Aliterate is currently closed for submissions. We expect to reopen Spring 2017. Please sign up for our call for submissions mailing list if you'd like to be notified.


Publication Terms

How to Submit


What's your response time?

Our median response time is 7 days. Please query after 21 days. Please log your submission at The Grinder and/or Duotrope. This helps other writers.

How do you pay people?

We prefer to send you a check.

Why don't you use Submittable?

It doesn't provide the features that we need.

Why do you do blind review?

We're trying to reduce bias. Each submission is assigned to at least two readers. If either reader approves a story, it gets sent to the whole team.

Can I submit my story by mail?

No. Our readers live in at least six different states.

Why don't you publish erotica?

Please, stop sending us erotica. We're just about ready to start the Journal of Unsolicited Erotica.

Do you offer personalized rejections?

No. Our feedback wouldn't be useful to you. Other editors are looking for different things.

Can I read for you?

E-mail us at Tell us why you want to read!