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Publication Terms

How to Submit


I only have a .doc file, what do I do?

Our bot only knows how to handle .docx files. You can use a free online converter to turn your .doc into a .docx file. Another option is to use LibreOffice as an alternative to Word or OpenOffice.

What's your response time?

Our median time to ‘no’ is 7 days. 'Yes' takes longer since we need to reach consensus. Please query after 21 days.

How do you pay people?

We prefer to send you a check. This makes bookkeeping easier. PayPal is an option for writers outside of the US.

Why don't you use Submittable?

It doesn't provide the features that we need.

Why do you do blind review?

We think it’s fairer than alternatives. The story you send us matters, not your track record of prior publications.

How will you know who I am if you throw out my cover letter?

This is a suprisingly frequent question. Our submission system stores your e-mail address.

How do you read?

Like everybody else: all the words that don't contain the letter 'q'. Each submission is assigned two initial readers. About 4% of stories make it to round two.

What’s your acceptance rate?

Our 2016 was 0.75%.

Can I submit my story by mail?

No. Paper is pleasant, but our team is spread out across six states.

Why don't you publish erotica?

Stop sending us erotica.

Do you offer personalized rejections?

No. During our 2016 reading period we received nearly 200 submissions per week.