Rubble People

For December we bring you Rubble People by Matthew Sanborn Smith.

Tangent Online remarks, "The writing is tight and strikes a perfect tone for the world... The story itself shines as the logical progression of the narration takes us to an ending that feels correct and all too human."

The local Partyville starts to peel apart around us: the booth, the ball pit, a video game and the netting between them, the pizza on the table and the table too. Shards of pressboard and plastic fly toward me while molding themselves into the form of a man. A couple of the other moms scream and their kids run to them. I didn't expect this, but I know what it is.

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A Companion for the Stars

Our story for November is A Companion for the Stars by Diana Estigarribia. You can find her on twitter at @Dhyana_Writes.

The harness restricts my movements, and I am only able to turn my head back and forth. I strain against the chains, pushing my face towards the ventilator. The capsule grows hotter with every passing minute, the air running out. I must find a way to tell them something’s gone wrong.

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Desert Stand

October's story is Desert Stand by Richard C. Rogers.

Be strong. Be quick and alive, or be dead...

Out here in the white sky and heat and dust, in the endless crush of days killed with booze, tobacco, and troubled sleep, a man can flatten in a hurry. When Death comes calling he’ll simply hold out his hands and say “Cuff me, Death. I’m tired.”

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